What is Multi-Factor Authentication and why do we need it?


So, what is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

These days, a password alone is not enough to ensure your access and data is protected as passwords often get compromised. MFA is the process of combining multiple forms of authentication before granting access to various things including but not limited to websites, applications, and networks.

There are three main authentication methods used in MFA. These are:

  • Things you know – These are things such as a password or pin.
  • Things you have – These are things such as a smartphone or access card.
  • Things you are – These are things such as fingerprints, retina scan or anything else used in biometric verification.

In fact, most people have already had to use MFA in the form of one-time text codes to log into an application or websites. This greatly increases security as a user requires both your password and your mobile phone to gain access to your account.

“MFA is a fantastic way to protect your accounts , adding a second layer of security that offers protection even if your passwords have been compromised.”


Thanks to apps like Duo, Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator the process of getting yourself set with MFA on applications and websites is as simple as scanning a QR code provided by the application or website.

From a best business practice perspective, Both Brains recommends having MFA enabled wherever you can to protect your emails, documents, finance & business apps. If you would like to discuss MFA and what the best solution would be for your business reach out to us at hello@bothbrains.com to have a chat.